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Assent is extremely experienced in assessing clinical environments. We assist organizations to qualify for program inclusion, ensure program compliance and help clients meet their efficiency and revenue objectives.

Along with our technology services, 340Basics offers a variety of consulting services that are a valuable added asset to any healthcare entity. Our Assent division is powered by proficient specialists that will integrate with your existing team, reviewing contracts, documents, systems, procedures and policies, ensuring that you are meeting and exceeding government regulations. 

You will have a dedicated point of contact throughout the entire process, this will provide an extra layer of protection and level of comfort, confirming you have covered all of your bases. Whether onsite or remotely, we will provide you with the necessary feedback and tools needed to be and stay compliant.

Policy and Procedure Review

Having a strong set of policies and procedures is the backbone to any company. In the healthcare field it is not an option. Assent can help you create and ensure the policies you set forth meet and exceed HRSA standards. 

Measuring Quality
and Compliance

Investigation and review of any potential oversight of contract pharmacy operations since registration, assist in ensuring compliance with OPA policies and analysis of eligibility and transaction data for errors.

Our mock HRSA audit services can help you confidently prepare for an audit and identify potential areas of exposure that could compromise your participation in the program.

Mock HRSA Audit
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